High Flow 4.4 LPM 12 Volt Replacement pump


High Flow pump 4.4 Liter per minute 12 volt.

Do you want to order a new pump?

We provide 3 types of pumps 4.4, 9, and 17 liter per minute high flow pumps.

These pumps are compatible with our and the most other sprayers.

This High Flow pump is Equipped with a demand pressure switch that reacts to outlet pressure and shuts the pump off at factory set pressure limit of 60 PSI. When the pressure drops below this preset limit the switch allows the pump to start again.


  • 4.4 Liter per minute 1.2 GPM
  • 12 Volt
  • 4.1 Bar (60 PSI)
  • Pressure switch 60 PSI-
  • Fuse 5 Ampere
  • Vertically and horizontally mounting
  • 3/8 hose barb fittings

Don’t use to pump Petroleum fuels like diesel gasoline or kerosine.

We don’t recommend to pump bleach!