Sprayer boom 5 nozzle 2,60 M Coverage for Quad and ATV


Sprayer boom 5 nozzle coverage 2,60 for Quad and ATV

Sprayer boom with 5 nozzle foldable sprayer boom for Quad and ATV

Do you want to create a wider and precise coverage to spray ? With this 5 nozzle sprayer you are able to cover 2,60 meter.

This Sprayer boom will only work with a 9 LPM or bigger sprayer pump (Not included)

The 5 nozzle spraying down in a small bow of 110 © which helps you to spray precisely.


  • Sprayer boom with 5 nozzle’s
  • Coverage 2,60 meter
  • Foldable Sprayer Boom
  • Precise coverage
  • Includes a Quick release mount
  • Includes hardware to install on your Quad or ATV
  • Includes a valve to split your system