Chevrolet Bel Air 1956 1 owner original Stunning condition


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29000 KM


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Chevrolet Bel Air 1956 in amazing original top condition 1 owner!


Yes you are reading this good, first owner classic  who bought this 1956 Bel Air brand new in Holland at the dealer Hogguer in the beginning of 1957.

This Bel Air is original from top to bottom original paint rust free amazing condition with a lot of history and service records this is one of a kind!

I bought this Bel Air out of the first hand , the original owner stored this car since 1985 in a heated dry garage the engine was fogged and the car was jacked up to save the tires.

This Bel Air is equipped with a lot of options , open roof, radio , heater,  searching lights etc. I never seen one before  with all this options.

The engine is the straight 6 235 Blue Flame with a Power glide automatic transmission, the engine runs nice and strong  the transmissions shifts very smooth.

After I collected this Classic we woke it up out of his winter sleep that toke 35 years,  very gently with a lot of love and care, we paid attention to a lot of details.

First we turned over the engine by hand a few times without sparkplugs and with some oil injected to the cylinders.

We replaced the fuel tank, rebuild the carburetor and fuel pump we flushed and cleaned the fuel lines and filled it up with good fresh fuel without ethanol.

All the spark plugs, wires , rotor and distributor are replaced.

The whole cooling system is renewed , thermostat , hoses, water pump, heather core an radiator are renewed after we flushed the whole engine.

Also we replaced the brakes, installed new brake cylinders and brake shoes, we flushed the brake lines and filled it up with new brake oil.

The tires where in such a good condition and we believe that those are still the original BF Goodrich tires we didn’t replace them yet but we have a brand new set of White Walls ready to install upon request.

It toke us a while to get all of this done,  we were very excited when the moment was there to start up the engine it started up at the first turn unbelievable after 35 years we had it back to running condition.

We drove it carefully for 10 minutes and we checked everything again , we adjusted the brakes a little bit and took it for another hour down the road unbelievable how this Bel Air runs,  thumbs up from other road users and smiles from ear to ear.

This Chevrolet Bel Air is documented with all the service records the speedometer is in Kilometers per hour it has 29.400 KM to believed the original kilometers if I check the Shell service records and see the condition of the car and interior.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air : for a lot of people is this the absolute icon of an American Classic , this is a true eyecatcher with his round lines and a lot of chrome.

Top to bottom in original condition untouched one owner rust free Classic , I dare to say : a real time capsuled classic in stunning condition.

This Chevrolet is ready for the car enthusiast or collector, the price is upon request this is not a regular buy but it is an  investment!

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Available with transit tags and 14 days insurance for customers outside the Netherlands to drive the car home.

I can assist with worldwide transport ask me for the possibilities i am glad to help you.

Airports close to the company : Amsterdam, Brussels, Weze , Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions ,or to make an appointment to view this stunning Bel Air .

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Daan Schop

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